World Champions Use Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Of Chicago

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most vaunted sports stadiums in the world. You might have heard of places like Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park, but Wrigley Field outdoes them all. This is a wonderful old stadium that sort of has the scaffold structure that people have since forgotten. It was built in the very early part of the 20th Century to house the Cubs, and it has changed very little over time.

1. The Scaffolds

The way that this place looks is something like a big carnival construction. It is as if they unfolded it when they arrived in Chicago, but it has always been like this. They have improved the stadium over time to make it less obvious, but they have figured out what would be best to make the stadium look old and still have modern touches.

2. No Lights

Wrigley did not have lights for decades because the team did not want to have night games. They became a very interesting team to play because they never played at night, and there were times when games would go too long and they would have to stop play because of darkness. That is why people have always thought of Wrigley as unique because it helps them feel as though they are back in the days when no stadiums had lights.

3. The Buildings Next Door

People have been watching Cubs games from the adjacent buildings for a long time, and there was even a big legal dispute over how these seats were sold and filled. The stadium changed how some people experience games when their lights were installed, and the seats across the street are still contentious even to this day because the team wants to make as much money as they can from fans.

4. Where Is It?

Wrigley has literally been dumped in the middle of the city, and it sits among a lot of buildings and businesses. It essentially has its own neighborhood, and it has seen everything else get modern around it. You are walking up to a place that will feel like it does not belong there because it is so old, and you will find that the old school sign outside makes you feel like you are in 1925.

5. The Hedges

The hedges and vines in the outfield are a feature that only this stadium has. This is a great stadium that people can come to because it looks so beautiful, and it offers a much more quaint experience as if you are watching baseball from the 1920s.

6. Conclusion

The Wrigley Field area is a required visit for anyone who comes to the Chicago area. It is a perfect place for people to come when they want to see good baseball. This is an experience unto itself even if the team is not playing very well, and the neighborhood around the stadium is a place that is also living in another time where it has one of the oldest baseball teams.

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