Soldier Field in Chicago

Soldier Field: The Home Of The Bears

Soldier Field is the home of the Chicago Bears. It has been around for a very long time since they were actually playing in a field that had to have the stadium built up around it. The stadium itself is one of the older creations in the NFL, but it has been upgraded over time to keep up with newer stadiums in the NFL.

1. Where Is It?

Soldier Field literally sits in the middle of what used to be in an open field, and they have parking and shops all around this place. This is a place that sits outside the city, and that makes it something like a Mecca for football fans in the area. The stadium itself looks amazing from overhead because it really does stand alone, and you can see clearly that it was once just a field.

2. What Is It Like?

You can tell that Soldier Field was built in the style of the old concrete stadiums of the old days like Michigan Stadium. It is not that large, but it still holds about 70,000 people. This is the sort of place that makes you feel like you have come to an historic place to watch football, and it also makes you remember Dick Butkus and all the old NFL champions up to and including Iron Mike Ditka, Walter Payton, and Jim MacMahon.

3. What Is The Game Experience Like?

Soldier Field is very loud, and it i a place where people go to have fun even in the cold and snow of winter. This is actually a great place to watch football in the cold because the noise and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are watching games that were being played in the 40s. You could come here in the summer for concerts that sound unique, and the field allows you a nice experience in the early fall because it offers shade that passes over the field during the middle of the day.

4. Conclusion

Soldier Field is a place that all football fans must go at least once. It should become a part of a Chicago family’s animal tradition, and it makes you feel like you have gone back in time. You could time travel to another place when you sit down in the cold to watch the Bears, and you will be amazed at the old feeling of this stadium.

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