Check Out Ravinia Festival

Ravinia – Cool Breezes In The Summertime!

The Ravinia Festival is actually held in Highland Park just outside of Chicago, and it is the host of many wonderful musicians every summer. It is the summer home of the Chicago Symphony, and it has many other musical artists come through during that time. They have art exhibits come through the festival over the summer, and they have been able to draw in tens of thousands every year.

1. What Is This Festival?

The Ravinia Festival is a musical festival that is mostly the Chicago Symphony and their partners. They have many people come through who play with them or give their own recitals. They take the main stage of the festival have their shows played, and they often bring in many unique soloists and other artists.

They sometimes have folk singers and other popular musicians come through to play with the symphony or to play their own shows. These are wonderful places for people to come if they want to get out for a night in the summer, and they sit on the lawn with their blankets to watch these concerts.

2. Artisans

They have artisans come out to play these shows during the year, and they are selling some of the best products that anyone will see. You will probably find something that is of interest to you when shopping with these artisans, and you could see these artisans before going to a concert.

3. Bring The Family

The Ravinia Festival is a family-friendly place, and there are a lot of people who love music can sit for most of the day when they come out. This is something that you could do as part of your vacation, or you could come up to Highland Park for the day on a weekend. You just need to bring the kids because you want them to get used to coming up here so they can continue the tradition with their own kids.

4. Conclusion

The Ravinia Festival is a beautiful place where you can come to hear music and see some of the best artisans of the area. The concerts go on all throughout the summer, and you get to see the summer lineup of the Chicago Symphony. This is a really exciting place for people to come for the best experience possible, and it is one that they could have as part of their family vacation to Chicago.

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