Tour The Museum of Contemporary Art

There’s Always Something New At The Museum Of Contemporary Art In Chicago!

If you have eye for, and appreciation of modern contemporary art, then the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago is the place to see. It is ever changing with up and coming artists. This is why you must visit, every time you are in town, whether for business or pleasure.

For local business people, this is a must for them to bring fellow, traveling business people to see. For an added bonus, go to the Marisol restaurant and bar, located within the museum building. There is artwork all over the restaurant, by Chris Ofili. You can grab and go, at the counter, or sit down at a table, and people watch, as pedestrians walk by. Or if so inclined, meet friends at the bar, for a nightcap.

The exhibits are always ever-changing. They are guaranteed to have your mind intrigued as you look at “modern” day and unique art. IT inspires you to seek out your own creativity. It used to be, “Oh, no, I can’t paint or draw like that”. Now it is more, What do I want to say to people, or express your feelings to? You can stand next to a complete stranger and exchange each other’s take on what the artist is expressing to you. There is nothing boring about the Museum of Contemporary art.

The idea for a contemporary museum, came about in 1964, by a group of artists, collectors, and more that decided Chicago needed one. It opened in 1967, and has been growing ever since. Their unique exhibits, have not only been paintings, drawings, and sculptures, they have had human “performances”, such as “Doomed”, in 1975.

Every week there are workshops, arts, and or music events, that are free. If you are a Chicago resident, Tuesday are free to enter the museum. The museum is an excellent place to host an event, whether a local business, or one from out of town. The atrium, Sculpture Garden, Terrace, and more, are great to make a lasting impression! Make sure to visit the MCA in Chicago at least once, if not several times!

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