Visit Al Capone’s Grave!

Al Capone’s Grave

When wondering about the mystery of Al Capone’s vault, you might recall, for those of you that were around at the time; otherwise allow me to enlighten you, about the advertising buildup, with the extensive publicity, hard sell, hysteria promotion plugging the puff piece, of excitement, which resulted in a hot air, propaganda fiasco, defeating blunder and erroneous, mistake that surely haunted Geraldo Rivera’s self-esteem, as approximately 30 million television spectators witnessed his downfall defeat after promoting for hours the jewels of riches inside Capone’s, treasure secretly hidden behind the maze of mysterious rooms and dark, cryptic, covert tunnels. Just four days after the death of Capone’s wife, Mae, on April 21st, 1986, this famed gangster had been once again found himself at the height of public awareness and fascination.

A Vault of Empty, Dusty Gin Bottles

It is extremely perplexing why Rivera, if he was actually the celebrated detective, investigative reporter, that he claimed, did not have the foresight to regroup his bearings, as he stood before his live TV audience, glued to our screen, keenly watching hour after anticipated hour, the every move of his crew leading to the final anxious, moments, when Capone’s vault door swung open to reveal the promised, anticipated, magnificent bounty, only to discover dusty, empty gin bottles, as we, the audience, exclaimed in aghast, a series of collective disgust and laughter.

Vault vs. Vault

Rivera had the potential to capture the targeted market turnout assembled; crowds gathered and congregated in our homes all trailing at Rivera’s heels in search of some obscure details of Capone’s remains left behind, because there is an actual mystery surrounding the whereabouts and contents of Capone’s vault. It is just not the type of vault Rivera was standing in front of that evening in 1986. He could have easily regained his composure and eased his audience in another direction to smooth the agony of wasted time to come up empty-handed. After all, it was merely days after the passing of Capone’s wife and the remains of Al Capone’s final resting place was not common knowledge. Instead, Rivera’s live broadcast was basically abruptly shutdown leaving, an anti-climax atmosphere. Subsequently, his claim to fame integrity, as an admired, respected, research reporter vanished instantly into thin air.

Mount Olivet and Mount Carmel Cemeteries

Without further ado, here is the legitimate background story on the burial locations of the sometimes celebrated; other times disdained, but forever immortalized, gangster, Al Capone, which Rivera should have been prepared to report with readily available pictures, another puzzle to unwind and solve. As in the case of Capone’s burial procession, there were two slyly, guarded, private cars to misguide the parade of onlookers, there are two grave-site locations to distract past and future contemptuous, sacrilegious, desecration of his tombstone. Although, this has not completely halted the numerous attempts at vandalism and thefts, if you want to view Capone’s Mount Carmel family plot, here is a video, which fittingly, leaves behind a bottle of gin.

• Mount Olivet – located in the 1885 Catholic Cemetery at 2755 West 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois. close to 115th street in section 52

• Mount Carmel Cemetery – located in the 1901 Catholic Cemetery at 1400 S Wolf Rd, Hillside, Illinois close to Roosevelt Road in Section 35

Thus, if you seek to go pay your respects or simply curious to see the final, elusive, resting spot of Al Capone, head over to the beautifully, serene, tranquil, Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, while you’re there wander over to visit the O’Banion Brothers, Hymie Weiss and others, all ironically rivals while living, hopefully all resting in peace together in the afterlife. Of course, there is no guarantee; Capone’s actually remains here, but at least, you will not have spent wasted hours planning a trip to see his vault in the renowned, South Side of Chicago. Ironically, there are still reporters out there, similar to Geraldo Rivera guiding spectators on a goose chase, stating Mount Olivet, not Mount Carmel, which is the last known place, where Capone and his family are buried.

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